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    Is anybody using Rapid Deployment with Websphere 6.0.1?

    We have not been able to get it working. I found an error message in the WRD .log file

    WRD workspace log file: /foo/wrd/.metadata/.log

    !ENTRY com.ibm.ws.rapiddeploy.websphere 4 4 May 18, 2005 17:07:01.52
    !MESSAGE Publish completed with errors and/or warnings. Please see server logs for more details.
    !SUBENTRY 1 com.ibm.ws.rapiddeploy.websphere 0 0 May 18, 2005 17:07:01.52
    !MESSAGE Publishing FoobarEAR to server_1404618767
    !SUBENTRY 1 com.ibm.ws.rapiddeploy.websphere 4 4 May 18, 2005 17:07:01.54
    !MESSAGE Failed to make connection to WebSphere Application Server.
  2. You can re-created you project with the source code from the original project. Don't include the generated files.