Axis has me stymied: Java works, WSDD doesn't ... ?


XML & Web services: Axis has me stymied: Java works, WSDD doesn't ... ?

  1. Hi!
    I'm trying to implement some simple services that return custom objects. No problem if I do it via the Call.registerTypeMapping(...) method, e.g., as shown in the "BidBuy" sample provided with the Axis download. HOWEVER when I comment out the #registerTypeMapping() in the code and try to do the same thing via a <typeMapping /> tag --- or <beanMapping />, since it's a very simple custom object --- Axis starts insisting that it can't find the deserializer. Well, it finds BeanDeserializerFactory just fine if I pass the class object in the code, but not if I specify org.apache.axis.encoding.ser.BeanDeserializerFactory in the WSDD. (I shouldn't even have to name this object anyway since it's the default, I believe.)
    Has anyone else hit this one, or does anyone know what I'm missing or doing wrong?
    Much appreciated.
    John Taylor

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  2. Not sure but..[ Go to top ]

    Make sure that the simple object you are trying to pass is really a bean. It should have a no args constructor and a get and set method for each and every param it has inside it. If it does not have this, the bean serializer/deserializer don't work. Turn on the axis deugging and see what deserializer it is trying to use for that class.