Magnolia 2.1 RC1: JSR-170 and 14 Languages


News: Magnolia 2.1 RC1: JSR-170 and 14 Languages

  1. Magnolia Organization has released the first release candidate for Magnolia 2.1. Magnolia is an open source content management system built on the java content repository standard (JSR-170), finalized on June 17, 2005.

    Magnolia 2.1 has been localized for 14 major languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. It contains numerous new features: native search, XML-based import/export, a new cross-browser rich-text editor and drop-in single container amongst others.

    Most notable new features:
    • full I18N support - delivered with 14 major languages
    • native search
    • import/export of XML based data
    • supports multiple JSR-170 compliant repository implementations, including the Open Source implementation "Jackrabbit" and "Magnolia Power Pack", the commercial repository implementation available from the Magnolia Organization.
    • improved performance, changed data structure to reduce number of nodes by 70%
    • bootstrap mechanism allows repository independent product delivery
    • simple war-file drop in deployment on any J2EE container
    • run as many Magnolia sites as you like within a single J2EE container for cost-effective hosting
    • choice of two leading cross-browser rich-text editors - Kupu and fckEdit
    • improved module interface

    Magnolia 2.1 RC1 is available immediately and free-of-charge at
    An online demonstration can be found at
  2. Does anyone know where some good documentation is for Magnolia? It seems to be lacking for this software.
  3. Agreed. In example an their site they mention "custom activation handlers". What are they??
  4. The sites are both http-protected...
  5. what is the user/password for
  6. sorry guys, had a short downtime
    ceo, obinary ltd
  7. - username : superuser
    - password : superuser
  8. Must say it worked like a charm. Simply dropped the wars into tomcat and a minute after all was set up properly. The Jackrabbit persistance manager seems to be fast enough, probably thanks to the improved data structure.

    Since it worked so well, I guess most of the documentation in the wiki is obsolete :)

    Congratulations, Magnolians!
  9. Hi guys, Magnolia is very promising. I just wish I could find the sources. The CVS has been deactivated on, and only the 2.0 sources have been published on SF (on november 15, 2004).

    Not releasing the sources with the binaries is a violation of the LGPL licence, and therefore looks to me as a violation of the terms of ...

    That reminds me the strategy RedHat had chosen for its RedHat CCM product. They always released the sources for the N-1 release and pretended to do Open Source, that was very annoying to develop on that framework without having the sources (note that they may have changed their policy since last year).

    Let's hope that the Magnolia guys have just forgotten to release the sources or that I just missed them ;)
  10. This topic is not so clear about this.

    " Magnolia uses Jackrabbit
    Posted by: Thomas Christensen on June 18, 2005 in response to Message #175090 0 replies in this thread
    ...and correcting myself: Jackrabbit AND what seems to be a commercial implementation of JSR 170: "Magnolia Power Pack". See their version 2.1 rc1 release just annonced."
  11. find them as always at - sorry it is not mentioned more clearly, for us its too obvious I guess ;-)

    - Boris Kraft
  12. Where are the 2.1-RC1 sources ?[ Go to top ]

    That would be to be precise

    to get the latest sources do (on one line)
    svn checkout magnolia

    - Boris Kraft
  13. Jackrabbit in Magnolia[ Go to top ]

    I have a set of questions about :

    1) Jackrabbit: in Magnolia, is it possible to have jackrabbit connected to a database for filling web site pages or getting stored data from a request ? if yes, where can I find a configuration example ? (but, I think 'no'... because of the publication mechanism)

    2) Which versions of kupu and FCKEditor are currently used (since 2.1 RC3) ? Does magnolia use all the features provided by those text editors ?

    3) Kupu seems to be used by default, where can I find the configuration for using FCK instead of Kupu ?