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    After looking at many other Exhausted result set posts and performing a large amount of googling, i have still not managed to solve my SQL exception!!

    the following code:

    ResultSet resultSet = stmt.executeQuery( sql );

    TableField[] metadataFields = params.getBasicQueryMetadata().getBasicQueryFields();

    while ( );

    for ( int i = 0 ; i < metadataFields.length ; i++ )

    String name = metadataFields.getName();

    String alias = metadataFields.getAlias();

    String value = resultSet.getString( name );



    using the oracle thin driver... (url = jdbc:oracle:thin:user/password@host:port:database)

    Always barfs at the line: String value = resultSet.getString( name ); on the first iteration!

    I am not closing the statement/connection/resultset before i run this line of code. I can gurantee that the SQL passed through should generate a resultSet with 25 rows in it (i print out the SQL in a log and copy this into Toad to test it!)

    I am however sharing the Connection object used to create the Statement, but i am currently running the code without any other queries being run, so it cant be that!?

    I have tested that a count(*) query works using the same driver/url and exactly the same SQL - this returns a valid resultset from which i can return how many records should be in the above result set.

    Any other ideas??


  2. This is not an answer to your problem but a suggestion.

    Consider switching to hibernate.
  3. School boy error[ Go to top ]

    someone on the sun forums spotted it!

    comomoin school boy while loop error

    while (resultSet.Next);

    notice the ; after the while() declaration????

    stupid me....

    Indeed hibernate might be the way forward in the future!!!