Really Simple, really easy, small and flexible Web Framework


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  1. Hi,

    With simplicity and easy-of-use in mind, we have developed a different web framework.

    Mentawai ( is a XML-free MVC web framework. We don't like XML but respect the ones that like it.

    Mentawai is very new. Support for velocity will come shortly, but the framework has some very simple tags for the ones that like JSP.

    Because it is just borning, we would like to ask for feedback from the community. Things like:

    - I liked this!
    - I did not like this
    - This is easy!
    - This is not so easy
    - This is good
    - This is not good

    Thanks a lot for you feedback and feel free to contribute if you like the project.

    Take care,

  2. I checked this new web framework and this is really SIMPLE stuff.

    Struts and WebWork look like Fourier Transform compared to this framework.

    It has a simple and intuitive Action -> Result -> Consequence paradigm
    backed up by filters.

    Actions setup is done with Java code instead of XML, which in my modest opinion
    much, much better and natural.

    Most of the hard stuff is already done in ready-to-use filters, like Validation,
     Authentication, VOFilter, InjectionFilter, etc.

    The custom tags are so easy that your designer will laught.

    Well, that's just my feedback, let me know if I got too excited about it.