Strategy for deploying a large document root?


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  1. Hi,

    In the past, I've typically deployed applications as EAR files, combining the web documents into a WAR file, then bundling it into the EAR file along with EJB jars, shared libs, configs, etc.

    My current application has a document root that features a large number of binary files. The EAR file turns out to be 116 megs, of which 115 is the WAR. This makes it a bit cumbersome to FTP new versions onto the server, particularly since almost all of the EAR is binary content that hasn't changed.

    How have others dealt with this issue in the past?


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    This is more like a configuration/change management issue.

    It seems you do not have any execute permissions on the target ftp server.
    When we had a similar problem like this we just changed our config management to build on the target system which already has those binaries and just seek the changes from source safe and create ear where it should be. The approach is not realistic in some preset corporate env.