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    Is there a common file where I can set the server classpath so that if the server is started from the admin console or the shell script the classpath automatically gets picked up.

    Sun Appplication Server8.1 has a domain.xml which has all the instance specific data. So classpath and jvm options can all be added in domain.xml per instance. I dont see the same thing in Weblogic 8.1. In fact it appears to me that the classpath setting is different if the server is started via admin console or shell script or node manager.

    Please help. I need more information so I can understand the weblogic cluster setup.

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  2. setEnv.cmd[ Go to top ]

    I think there is a bat file setEnv.cmd or commEnv.cmd that is called first in all the scripts. You can put ur classpath there for the command line versions to work. When u are configuring the managed servers and want to start them via the admin console, u need to have the classpath set in the remote start tab of the server's config.