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    Hi !
    Can a business method in BMP entity bean, directly access database table or it can manipulate only the instance variables and the database access will only be done by the container methods like ejbLoad(), ejbStore().


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    If you did update the database directly wouldnt your object and your database be out of sync. Why would you want to do that.
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    Actually I want to retrieve data from three tables to populate the values in three respective select fields of JSP client. When the user selects any or all the select fields and submits, then I should retrieve the data from another set of tables, with the selected field values. I use session bean acting as a client for BMP entity bean. Iam confused whether to include all the above condition database queries in a business method or in ejbLoad() ejbStore() method. This made me to ask the previous question.

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    Load the bean if you want to call some buisness method on it. If you just want to display data there is a lot of overhead in loading the bean. Use your business methods in the session bean to go directly to the database to return data to you.