Hi I have a few times done work arounds for this solution, but wondering what is the correct way of doing it.

I will use made up object names.
I have an object Player which looks like this

Team {
String teamname;
Stadium ground;
Player[] players;

I have a jsp page with a form to edit this Team object. It displays:
A text field for teamname.
A list of radio buttons of all Stadiums in system for user to select one. (submits the stadiumId of selected)
A list of checkboxes of all Players in system so user can select multiple players (0 to all allplayers, upto user)
(should submit the playerId of all selected players)

My struts action form.
Looks like

private String teamname;
private String stadiumId;
What i dont know how to do is to map the selected checkboxes playerIds to some value in form like String[] playerIds;
I dont know whether this is possible though. DO i have to use a map in form.
What is the cleanest solutuion.
Thanks for help.