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News: ObjectWeb: Celtix Milestone 1 Released

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    ObjectWeb has announced that Celtix' first milestone is available for download. Celtix is an open source (LGPL) Java enterprise service bus (ESB) runtime, originally based on the Artix product by Iona, and also provides a set of extensibility APIs. Celtix is intended to serve as a JSR-208 (JBI) container

    Milestone 1 consists of first end-to-end running version with a subset of the release 1.0 planned features. The features in this release:
    • Working end-to-end Hello World SOAP/HTTP scenario.
    • First cut of transport and binding APIs.
    • Minimal support for SOAP 1.1 and HTTP 1.1
    • Java-to-WSDL and WSDL-to-Java tools.
    We are constantly working on improving the code base and welcome your valuable feedback. Please share your experience and send questions/comments to celtix at objectweb dot org, and development-related issues to celtix-dev at objectweb dot org. Milestone 1 related issues can be logged and tracked at http://forge.objectweb.org/tracker/?group_id=192.
  2. This looks very impressive. Well done again to the guys in Lyon.

    Is there detailed technical information available about how this differs from IONA's own offering?

    Also, how does this compare with the other ESB products?

    PJ Murray

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  3. Some of the key differences between Celtix and Artix are the scope and core technology. Artix has been optimized for demanding use cases with a C/C++ core where Celtix is being built for mass adoption and a Java core. In addition to that Artix provide wide QoS and transport support with products and services that can’t easily or be provided in an open source context. Some of this might change over time as specifications become more open.

    Thus both will be/are substantial yet serving different market demands and needs. For more information on what is coming down the pipe on Celtix visit the wiki out at http://celtix.objectweb.org

    One of the key areas with Celtix and the Artix ESB is that is does not enforce a single deployment methodology (broker or end-point), does not require a single transports strategy like JMS, and provides tight integration and support for the web service standards.

    Hope that helps