AjaxAnywhere 1.0 tag library released


News: AjaxAnywhere 1.0 tag library released

  1. AjaxAnywhere 1.0 tag library released (3 messages)

    AjaxAnywhere, a JSP taglib that uses AJAX to refresh "zones" on a web page, has been released. AjaxAnywhere doesn't require changes to the underlying code, so while it's more coarse than finely-tuned AJAX, it's also easier to implement, and doesn't bind your application to AJAX (i.e., browsers that don't support AJAX can still work.)

    From the home page:
    The idea is simple:

       1. Mark "reload-capable" zones of a web page with AjaxAnywhere custom tags.
       2. Instead of submitting a form in traditional way, do it by AjaxAnywhere javascript API.
       3. During request processing on the server-side, determine the zones to refresh. (You can implement this logic either on the client-side via JavaScript or on the server-side, via AjaxAnywhere API.)
       4. On the server-side AjaxAnywhere will generate an XML containing only the "updated" HTML.
       5. On the client-side AjaxAnywhere javascript will receive the XML, parse it and update the selected zones.
    The site also has online demos showing the library in action. AjaxAnywhere has been licensed under the LGPL.

    What do you think?

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  2. Nice and simple..[ Go to top ]

    I havent tried it out yet, but I like the concept.

    This is a step beyond the AjaxDivTag found on coldtags:

    Which I also find very useful..
  3. Great stuff[ Go to top ]

    I took a look and really like it.

    But please change the license to Apache 2. You'll tap into the vast group of developers that already use Struts etc.
  4. Great stuff[ Go to top ]

    No problem, our goal is to make the license as permissive, as possible. By the way, does LGPL conflict with Apache License ?