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    I want help from u regarding the deployment of Entity Beans on J2EE Server with SQLServer as the database.
    The driver I am using is Merant Driver. But, I am not able to connect with the database.
    I actually didn't understand a few steps during the depoyment process of the bean, like specifying the JNDI name for the datasource.
    Could u please guide as to where can I get a solution with the combination of J2EE Server and SQLServer? I need help desperately regarding this.....

    Waiting desperately for guidence from U.

    Thanking u in advance.

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    Hi Shibin,

    I feel very sorry to say this, in a common forum like this, it's not advisable to focus on a particular person..
    Unfortunatly i don't have much exposure on J2EE server and SQL Server.. where i'm not able to help u in solving u'r problem.

    It's all in your environment settings.. so make sure u'r settings r correct.. and regd JNDI naming u can get a good introduction from EdRoman's Book ( freely downloadable from this site). While describing deployment descriptor u need to mention the JNDI name under corresponding tag in XML file.

    If u need to send specific queries to me u can send mail for me. My mail id is saran_v at yahoo dot com

    As a friendly advice, create a new thread and make u'r query open to all..

    Thanks & Regards