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  1. Problem in developing Custom tool bar using JSF (2 messages)

    I am Working on developing the custom toolbar component using JSF
    Which includes crude operation like ADD Delete etc, and Navigation controls like
    Next and Pre.All the operation is working fine to me with single grid in single JSP page
    But when I incorporate multiple grids with multiple toolbar .I could not able to achive the toolbar operation binding to specific bean which will be specified as an attribute in the custom tag . I need suggestion to overcome this problem or link to locate the code samples if availabe so that I can simulate the same .
  2. See for example toolbars in Coldtags suite:
  3. I'm assuming your are assigning a unique subcomponent identifier to your component?

    For example an inputdate component could have ids like:
    clientId + MONTHINPUT
    clientId + YEARINPUT
    clientId + DAYINPUT

    where the MONTHINPUT .. are constant String like ":monthinput" etc..

    Since each component has a unique client id, and the subcomponents have their unique identifier, there should be a problem identifying the different components and their respective subcomponents.