Capxous 1.0 M1, resolve database conflicts

Capxous come form the word captious, software that resolves database conflicts.

Database conflicts? Conflicts has same mean in version control system. Here's an example. Say that Harry and Sally each create copies of the same database. They make changes to the same table A within their copies. When they need integration together, conflicts may occur.
We build this tool to help teams to resolve database conflicts.

Release Notes
This build is 1.0 milestone 1, require J2SE 1.4 or later. Microsoft Windows system only.

Capxous 1.0 M1 features:
‧ Web application with embedded servlet container
‧ Only 900KB!
‧ Reliable, compare thousands of table
‧ Less than 100KB footprint
‧ JDBC driver name assist
‧ Support MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL...
‧ Select table to compare
‧ J2SE 1.4, J2SE 1.5 compatible

One Minute Tutorial with Screenshots