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    i have created a slsb using wsad now i want to create a stand alone java client which looks up the jndi and gets the ejb's method pls any one tell me the step wise process to do this
    i want to know whether wsad gives the required jar files
    (e j2ee client container,corba,etc)in shipped format so that i can just set the classpath and exceute my standalone client

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  2. Easily done using application client[ Go to top ]

    This is accomplished using the J2EE application client. In WSAD create a new J2EE application client project and add it to the .ear. Once you have your main method coded the way you like instead of running it as a java application run it as a websphere 5.1 application client.

    Outside of WSAD use websphere's launchClient.bat|.sh which will set up the application client container and class path and invoke the main method in the application client .jar inside the .ear.

    If you code/package as a J2EE application client then you don't need to manage the class path (all your classes are in the .ear and launchClient establishes the websphere class path).

    You may need to manage IIOP ports but the defaults will work against websphere test environment running in wsad.
  3. thank u very much. but what to do ?[ Go to top ]

    but what to do when i write a standalone client and run in
    environment where i have no wsad installed
    then what are the files (jars) i must ship with my code

    consider i have remote was server with ejb components
    i want to connect to the server using a standalone
    form another host where wsad or was is not installed then
    what should i do
  4. thank u very much. but what to do ?[ Go to top ]

    Download and install the application client for websphere on any server that requires access to websphere. http://tinyurl.com/dwacz
  5. thank u very much. but what to do ?[ Go to top ]

    Along with the application client for websphere all you need is your .ear file that contains your j2ee application client. Your .ear file will contain all your application specific jar files.