Millstone AJAX Adapter extends Millstone User Interface Library by making it possible to program AJAX applications with Java, on server. No understanding of AJAX technologies is required for creating intuitive, rich internet applications. IT Mill released an early pre-release demo of the product, that can be tested online.

Main goals of Millstone Library are: 1) Enable programming of high quality web user interfaces with Java, on server, 2) Bring all the power of object oriented programming model to web user interface programming, 3) Complete separation of logical user interface from its representation (and browser), 4) Provide high-quality, complete set of reusable user interface components and 5) Focus on user interface and work together with the rest of the world.

Millstone User Interface Library and Millstone Web Adapter products are licensed under free LGPL license. Even though the products are free charge, they are developed and supported commercially. Both products have been used in many large scale enterprise applications.