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    What would be my options for business tier design if I decided not to go EJB route and still wanted to have the same services a standard EJB container provides (transaction management, security, pools of various kinds, etc)?

    Is there any data on current market share of non-EJB solutions for the problem at hand, like Spring, for instance?


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  2. Spring[ Go to top ]

    Try Spring

    works well for me, sorry great

    Spring is a wondefull framework.

    Good Support, excelent docs, excelent books

    (books i recomend Pro Spring) ;)

  3. Spring[ Go to top ]

    Spring will do most of the tricks.. if you don’t need clustering – session replication, high-available pinned (singleton) services, cluster-wide application context.. from other side I might just don’t know good way to do them with spring ?
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    i currently use struts + business objects + dao + postgres(db). We have a legacy app. working fine using the above but for a new feature app, i want to replace the singletons in business obj.s with spring. My main concern for using spring are as follows: 1. If i use spring in business layer, can my java api's on back end use the spring classes to connet to postgres without any connection to tomcat (app server) 2. i have a small database..is it worth trying a new framework (spring) , just to replace singletons? How efficient is spring with struts? Anyone with suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.