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    Hi Experts,

    Here I am getting problem when I am accessing oracle datatbase through applet program .

    It is getting compiled by using "javac"
    When I am entering "appletviewer" the data is not displayed .It shows error like follows.

    Can't find Database driver class: access denied
    (java.lang.RuntimePermission accessClassInPackage.sun.jdbc.odbc).

    Please help me out in solving this problem.

    I have used Type 1 driver. and <applet/> and dsn created and tested it is ok when I tested.

    Advance Thanks

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    applet should not - in theory look at databases directly - it is a bad design strategy. Make sure that the jdbc driver and other jar files required are packaged in the applet jar itself. The best way to use applets (if u have to use them) is to have a servlet hosted in a web container and have the applet connect to the servlet. Examples are there for this in any basic servlet textbook