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    Could anyone recommend any web services testing tools. Something like http://www.stylusstudio.com/ws_tester.html, but free/opensource.

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  2. Hi there!

    I obviously have to recommend my own soapui project (http://www.soapui.org), which is a free open-source tool (LGPL licensed) containing a large number of usefull testing features. A 1.5 version will be available shortly adding loadtesting and groovy-scripting to existing test-functionality. Hope it meets your requirements, if not please post your feature requests to the sourceforge forums :-)

    good luck!


  3. jakarta JMeter[ Go to top ]

    You could also try Jakarta' JMeter



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    Crosscheck Networks has a free edition called SOAPSonar Personal Edition. You can download it from http://www.crosschecknet.com.
  5. SOA Cleaner is written in .net, however it has a high level of interoperability with Java-based Web Services frameworks, as well. it's very light weighted, and very easy to use. it's currently free. can be downloaded at: http://xyrow.com
  6. Check out Vordel SOAPbox - it's free from here: http://www.vordel.com/products/soapbox/
  7. You may use Web Service Testing Tool (EZTM) from http://www.induscf.com for free of cost. In addition to web service testing it has input data management; capturing expected results and comparison of test results with expected results. It supports MTOM, WSA, WS-Security, WS-Reliability and http(s) methods in WSDL.

  8. I know the OP was looking for a free/open source testing tool, but I thought I would mention about Examine, a commercial web services testing tool that is a multi-user web based (server-side) application with awesome support for SOAP and REST testing with deep ws-security integration and some much needed tools like SAML token generator, STS client, XML tools, test suite scheduling etc. It has a responsive, intuitive and easy-to-use ajax interface that is fun to use. Check out its feature set at : http://www.stratumsoft.com/examine-features/ 

    You can get a free 15-day trial at http://www.stratumsoft.com .




  9. Looks like the features link broke when I typed it in - this is the correct one: http://www.stratumsoft.com/examine-features/

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    try "sacrina"