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    JadeLiquid Software has announced the release of their WebRenderer Server Edition Java browser component. The WebRenderer Server Edition aims to provide a standards compliant Java browser component supporting headless server environments.

    The WebRenderer Server Edition allows for headless rendering of web-content across multiple platforms without the requirement for a GUI. WebRenderer Server Edition does not require any graphics resource or Java Swing or AWT support allowing standards compliant web content parsing, rendering and printing in headless environments.

    The WebRenderer Server Edition can be utilized in server side automation tasks including automated unit testing of web services, HTML to bitmap conversion, automated printing, thumbnail image generation from web content and web transaction verification.

    The WebRenderer Server Edition tightly integrates into any Java Server or Desktop application and provides standards compliant rendering of web content across multiple platforms. WebRenderer supports HTML 4.01, SSL, JavaScript, CSS 1 & 2, XSL, XSLT, XML, DOM etc.

    A 30-day trial version is downloadable from the WebRenderer Server Edition product page with registration.

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  2. prices[ Go to top ]

    Looks interesting, but they don't post how much it costs. Anyone have any idea?
  3. While the product looks very complete, under what circumstances/use cases would you want to render a web page under the covers on the server?
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    Brad, some uses for the Server Edition of WebRenderer are automated HTML to thumbnail image generation, server based printing of web reports, automated DOM based headless web regression tests, HTML to PDF conversion (with a PDF driver) to name a few.
  5. where to use it?[ Go to top ]

    Still... where else to use it?
  6. Cost[ Go to top ]

    It's somewhere around $12,000US/server as I recall from recent conversation with a sales guy from the company.