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    Hi Everybody,

    I am working on an application of JSP/Servlet with Weblogic 5.1.0. To remember the state(name, Id etc) I maintain a customer Object in the session of JSP/Servlet. Sometimes, It works fine sometimes but other times it says the Customer class not found. But if when i restart the Weblogic Server, it works fine again.

    Can anybody tell me that are there any consistent ways to maintain the Session Object OR any other ideas.


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    You may wanna check the timeout value on your Session. Increase the timeout value and see if it works for your app.
    You may also wanna check for condition (session.getValue(parm)!= null) before processing the session info.
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    Another thing to check is that your Customer object extends Srializable.

    We have found inconsistent errors when one of the objects we were putting in the session was not.
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    Can Timeout value be increased in
    or in the code it self????
    how to do this???
    B.T.W , I am having a ClassCastException.
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    you could try out two things here

    1)Change the
    weblogic.httpd.http.keepAliveSecs =
    weblogic.httpd.https.keepAliveSecs =
     this would keep the request alive for more time as far as the web server is concerned.

    2)use the method setMaxInactiveInterval(int intervalInSeconds) on your session object in your program .

    I have not tried them out myself. Do let me know if they work out.

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    Thank You suresh,
    But this does not helps.
    I have seen the doc. of weblogic about "Setting up Weblogic as http Server". This article has some good ideas about it.
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    you can increase the timeout seconds by including the following line in your file