Alfresco 1.2, an update to the open source enterprise content management system, has been released.

Alfresco provides a scalable, fault tolerant repository, as well as an application to manage the repository. Alfresco has been designed as a platform for content-centric enterprise applications accessed from portals, shared drives/CIFS, WebDAV or End-Users applications through web services. Alfresco has been implemented with open source projects such as Spring, Hibernate and Lucene.

Release 1.2 on the server-side has enhancements in the areas of JSR 170 Level 2 support consisting of:
  • Read/write Repository
  • Import/Export as a System View or Document View
  • XPath Query support
  • Assigning primary and mixin types to nodes
  • Transaction support through a plug-in mechanism including JTA
Other application development enhancements include enhanced web service APIs and an open templating architecture providing data driven transformation of content.

Java application development support has been improved by providing web services client libraries to simplify development against the web services API. This has been enhanced to support rules/actions, permissions and user administration. Similar enhancements have been made for PHP development.

Significant engineering work was performed in areas of scalability and high availability and stress tested:
  • Reduction in the amount of memory required per user
  • Memory optimization
  • Lock contention minimization
  • Distributed transaction control and caching
  • Thousands of concurrent users
  • Millions of documents
The Release 1.2 web application side has enhancements in the areas of:
  • Forums
  • Saved searches, templates with searches
  • Advanced search improvements
  • Document-level permissions
The Enterprise Network has been enhanced with LDAP Integration.

Details of the 1.2 release 1.2 are available from the release notes as well as details about the JCR level 2 support and the web services support.