how can we make a module (web) plug and play for the customer?


EJB design: how can we make a module (web) plug and play for the customer?

  1. Hi All,

    Anybody please tell me how can we make a module say a customer or admin or any module plug and play.
    So that anytime the customer required the particular module we can show them the particular module as a plug and play.
    Currently the module is a part of a web applicaiton and we want to make that particular module plug and play.

    Answer please.
    Please reply as soon as possible

    Thanks in advance

    Harish Pathak
  2. I don't understand you so well. But if you want to make some client application become update automatically, I suggest using "Java Web Start". If you want your application to use new version of some algorithms, try Patterns like : Factory or Strategy etc.
  3. Does customer require specific module to be installed? If so, play with your application deployment packaging.

    If you are thinking plug & play at app runtime, it is totally different story. You could either hard-code/design your app or use declarative configuration files to dynamically load specific modules.

    Anyway, what's the context of your plug & play?