For those that do not have a chance to try this different MVC framework, now it is a very good time. Version 1.2 ( ships with cool new features.

The main characteristics of the framework are:

- Programmatic configuration approach in an independent file (now supports configuration through dynamic script languages, too)

- Pragmatic approach: "get out of my way, I just want to create my web site!"

- Very complete: it solves every web development repetitive task.

- Very low learning curve, because we can't ask for much of your time to learn yet another framework.

- Very flexible and lightweight.

- Separation of concepts: keeps your action very clean!

The new features shipping in version 1.2 are:

- Beanshell configuration and support for other dynamic scripting languages through the abstract ScriptApplicationManager class.

- Debug mode so you can see the magic of the framework behind every request, step by step.

- New configuration styles through new methods (java style x ruby style)

- Integration with Ajax through AjaxConsequence

- Simple caches (LIFO, FIFO, etc) as well as distributed powerful dynamic caches using Jgroups

- Better documentation for the useful VO/OV/Injection/Output filters.

- And much more...

More info here: