The Apache Jakarta Commons IO team is pleased to announce the release of commons-io-1.2.

Commons IO is a library of utility, file filter, endian and stream classes that aim to make working with IO much more pleasant. Many of these classes probably should be in the JDK itself.

This release fixes a few bugs (notably LockableFileWriter), and adds various enhancements, including:
- LineIterator - Allows you to work through a file using an iterator style API
- AgeFileFilter - Filter files by their age
- SizeFileFilter - Filter files by their size
- FileSystemUtils - Obtain the free space on a drive in kb (improves on previous version of the method by normalizing operating systems to kb)
- FileUtils method to iterate of a list of matched files

This release is binary and source compatible with 1.1 according to our tests. There are no new deprecations. We recommend all users of commons-io-1.1 upgrade to 1.2 to pickup the bug fixes.

Commons IO Website:

Release notes:


The Commons IO Team