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    ILOG has shipped a release of ILOG JRules, their flagship Business Rule Management System for Java.

    JRules 6 introduces new modules including Rule Studio, an Eclipse-based rules IDE, and Rule Team Server, a Web-based rule management tool for Policy Managers.

    Read about the release here.

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    I just got back from TSS in Vegas, and the JRules presentation I went to was the most impressive vendor presentation I saw, in fact one of the best I've ever seen. I've heard about 'business rules' and 'rules engines', but wasn't quite sure how I would go about using them. I've also been interested in all the talk about 'domain specific languages' lately.

    What I saw was basically a domain specific language editor/manager that maps directly onto your Java-based domain model. Their editors and server products seemed to provide everything you could ask for -- auto-complete when editing rules, versioning of rules and publishing lifecycle management, and pretty much anything that anyone in the audience asked about.

    I'm not associated with ILOG or anything, and I'm not even sure that my present employer has a need for this product; I was just very impressed with the demo and wanted to encourage people to check this out. I don't know if other products match this one in terms of the tool support, but that was what really sold me. The ease of using my existing Java domain model and exposing it as a 'domain specific language' was quite attractive. Check it out!
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    Interesting (the Java Domain part). I've been using Drools and was about to write my own UI to maintain my domain specific rules. I've seen a demo on JRules about 3 years ago. It was excellent but it seem too generic (the UI) for my purposes. I'll have to give the new versions of JRules a whirl. I need something that makes it really, really simple for the users. I think we had a discussion here on TSS, about a year ago, about having a generic enough UI the result whould be that it would be very time consuming, if even possible. Peter, you out there?
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    I haven't tried the new tool myself, so can't say how it works. JRules is a solid product and by most accounts has the market lead. Assuming of course that one can afford the steep price tag.

    Anything that makes it easier to write or build DSL's for a specific domain is a good thing, no matter which company creates the product. Though I wonder if the acquisition of RulesPower by FairIssacs increased the pressure on iLog.

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    I just got back from TSS in Vegas,
    BTW, lucky you!. I got to recover from surgery. :)
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    Thanks for the encouraging words! It was fun to put the product through its paces in front of an audience and it made a nice change (for me!) from the Powerpoints.

    JRules 6 is our biggest release in the history of the product. We've made two or three major architectural changes to better align the product with the development and management processes used by our largest customers, and we've made dozens of smaller improvements to remove a lot of the friction that customers were feeling on everyday projects.

    The migration from our Swing-based rules IDE to Eclipse has been a great success. It allows the product to integrate much tighter with the underlying Java code so developers can move freely between code, rules, models and verbalization without leaving a unified IDE. We've also beefed up the development capabilities with rule refactoring and cross-debugging (debugging rules and code in the same debugging session). I could go on, but I better not! :-)


    Daniel Selman

    Product Manager
    ILOG JRules
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    Well, congrats. It's an excellent product... one of those few that Just Works (tm).
  8. Hi I am actualy new to ILOG JRules does anybody know how to integrate the rule which is developed in ILOG JRules to my Busines Layer purely through the Java API provided by JRules.
    Can anybody provides the steps to follow.