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News: CollabNet releases Subversion On Demand

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    CollabNet, an on-demand distributed software development solutions provider, has released CollabNet Subversion On Demand. The solution provides infrastructure and services to large enterprises deploying the Subversion open source, version control system to users within global software development teams.

    CollabNet Subversion On Demand allows companies to apply open source practices in the enterprise for distributed software development. The solution also reduces the security risks of unmanaged Subversion adoption and lowers the cost of managing large deployments by offering enterprise-class security, maintenance and operational services.

    Features of Subversion On Demand include:
    • Enhanced Subversion capabilities including a Web-based user administration module
    • Project workspace, communication and collaboration tools built for development teams that complement stand-alone Subversion
    • An on-demand delivery model that lowers the cost and increases the speed of Subversion deployments
    Subversion is available as a stand-alone version control solution and has also been integrated into CollabNet Enterprise Edition. CollabNet Enterprise Edition integrates tools for software development, project management, knowledge management and communication management in an on-demand, Web-based software development environment. CollabNet Subversion On Demand, CollabNet Enterprise Edition and Subversion enable on-demand development for geographically dispersed software development teams.

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    I think the right link to Subversion is


  3. At

    " by MKSoft Development provides reliable & secure hosted document and code revision management services via the internet. The service is built on industry leading technologies: Cisco firewalls, Linux servers, Apache webservers, Subversion repositories, and the Insurrection web interface.

    The servers are high-quality, carrier grade servers that are co-located in high-security, high-bandwidth data centers. The repositories on the servers are backed up nightly to a secured backup system with at least two generations of complete backups available. For that extra level of security, each server is secured behind a dedicated external firewall in addition to the server's internal firewall."
  4. CollabNet's products look very interesting. I was asked to investigate collaboration tools for a previous employer and did some investigation into CollabNet's offering.

    The problem is, they seem to be one of those companies that make it very difficult to get pricing information. They don't appear to have the information on their site and wouldn't even tell me via email (the email I received informed me that I should get a 'descision maker' in my company to call them directly). I read this to mean, "Our product is very expensive and we charge based on what we think you can afford". I promptly abandoned the CollabNet route and selected another product. I didn't want to ask my line manager to make an intercontinental call and have to deal with a pushy salesman.

    Anyone actually use CollabNet's software? How do you find it?
  5. Sun uses CollabNet's higher-end products, if I recall correctly. Don't quote me on pricing: from memory, the lower-end offering is $55 USD/user/month, and I have no idea what the higher-end offering is.
  6. Wesley - sorry to hear you had a bad experience talking to CollabNet originally. We have a set up in the UK so glad to give you the information you (or anyone else) needs. No need to make intercontinental calls anymore - UK contact details on the website
    To answer your question on UK/European users - yes plenty. Dresdner Klienwort and Barclays Global are two examples in London.
  7. The product sounds interesting, however I have a number of issues related to SLA, Security and Legal that have arisen from my experience. The Corporate where I work uses internal SLAs between companies and litigations are eventually handled by the HQ. In this case instead:

    1. What happens if CollabNet cannot manage their SLA? Who determines whether a system unvailability was to be charged to a party or another? Moreover, while this solution can be good for US companies, handling a possible legal litigation with a US-company from outside is always very expensive and troublesome.
    2. How can I assure my IP gets protected (undisclosure of source code/project data to unauthroized personnel)?


  8. Sounds similar to CVSDude[ Go to top ]

    Despite having a rather unfortunate name, CVSDude ( appears to offer much the same set of services, and their pricing information is readily available (summary: they're cheap).

  9. cvsdude[ Go to top ]

    Unless CVS Dude has changed recently, I wouldn't use them for mission critical work. Our company tried using them for about 8 months. Initially service was fine, then we started having problems-- we started having outages, at first only an hour or so, but the longest was almost 36 hours. Getting anybody to actually respond to us was like pulling teeth. I suspect they severely overbooked their capacity. Hopefully things have improved somewhat since then (about 3 months ago).

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    I used CVSDude about two years ago. Very happy with the service. Never experienced downtime. All emails answered within hours (usually < 1 hour IIRC).

    Things may have changed now, but I was always pleased.
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    I have experienced at least 24 hours of completely unanswered downtime once. Another time I found that the daily backup files I was provided with (a service that had to be paid for additionally) were 2 weeks old.

    At that point I decided I would rather take my destiny into my own hands and setup a subversion server myself. Cant afford to lose my business because the server administrator doesnt return from a cangaroo hunt in the australian bush
  12. CVSDude[ Go to top ]

    We've been using CVSDude for over a year now. Tickets are always answerd promptly, and never had any downtime problems. Overall we are quite happy.
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    You should try Code Spaces they offer great Subversion Hosting, with Free plans.