EJB 3.0 Passes JCP Executive Committee Unanimously


News: EJB 3.0 Passes JCP Executive Committee Unanimously

  1. The EJB 3.0 specification (JSR-220) has passed its final approval ballot unanimously, clearing the way for implementations to solidify compliance, and also providing a stable target for programmers to use in development.

    EJB 3.0 has been designed to provide an easier development and deployment model for EJBs, and also includes the Java Persistence API, which changes how interactions with Entity Beans is managed (and emphasizes better design patterns).

    This is great news for the Java Enterprise community, also clearing another hurdle for the approval and release of Java, Enterprise Edition. (Although one has to wonder what would have happened had the executive committee not passed it...)

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  2. Yiehaa...
    Finally, EJB3 is sich a big step forward.
  3. Hope java kills .NET and any other competition in its path... so that big companies with big bucks hire java architects like us ;-)

    Where are those ppl who were saying that Java was dead? Huh!
  4. Not just EJB 3.0[ Go to top ]

    Java EE 5 and many JSR-s under Java EE 5 umbrella have passed final approval ballot including, for instance, Web tier specifications JSP 2.1 and JSF 1.2.

  5. Nebojsa[ Go to top ]

    Nebojsa, da li je to sarkazam?
  6. Maven repository copy[ Go to top ]

    I wonder if they will allow people to put the JAR files into the maven repository so we can just download it from there rather than from Sun.
  7. Maven repository copy[ Go to top ]

    Probably not, as the case was with all other specs. It really is about time they changed that!