GemStone Systems has introduced the GemFire Database Accelerator product to increase the performance and scalability of J2EE environments. GemFire DBA claims to eliminate data bottlenecks, reducing data latency and improving overall database performance with no modification to the application code. GemFire DBA provides a graphical user interface to identify expensive SQL queries and cache JDBC ResultSets in a single Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or across a cluster of JVMs or application servers. By retrieving critical data from the in-memory cache, GemFire DBA avoids unnecessary database round trips, dramatically improving the performance of Java and J2EE applications while simultaneously increasing database speed and scalability. GemFire DBA ensures the integrity of mission-critical data by immediately committing data to the database when an update occurs. Queries not found in the cache are immediately retrieved from the backend data source and stored in the cache before being returned to the user. Advanced in-memory replication and disk persistence mechanisms (both synchronous and asynchronous) ensure high availability and zero data loss, even in the event of a JVM failure. GemFire DBA can be deployed into existing infrastructures without the requirement of additional development. Featuring a JDBC 2.0 driver, GemFire DBA configures individual or patterns of queries and dynamically caches and distributes ResultSets in memory and/or disk across multiple nodes. DBA attempts to enables application performance to be tuned in real-time, dramatically reducing the load on backend databases. GemFire DBA beta can be downloaded after a registration.