Introscope 7 (monitoring tool for enterprises) released


News: Introscope 7 (monitoring tool for enterprises) released

  1. Wily has announced the availability of Introscope 7, their enterprise inspection and monitoring tool. Introscope 7 provides an overview of application and server health and statistics. New in this release is increased scalability, ease of administration, key transaction detection, and new alerting capabilities. Introscope 7 provides a manager clustering capability, so that a single administration interface can be used to manage the entire monitoring cluster, providing the capability to monitor as many servers and applications as a given enterprise needs. It also performs automatic baselining of applications, so that boundary conditions can be detected and alerts issued without interference from a production support staff. An interface API allows Introscope to pull data from any custom monitor source, allowing enterprises to build their own monitoring conditions. Introscope supports all majour JVMs and platforms, and the impact of monitoring on performance is negligible.
  2. ..their enterprise inspection and monitoring tool...
    ENTERPRISE. It's gotta be good.
  3. As far as I can see, there is no way to download or purchase the product from the page listed. But they do have a nice little image with pretty colors. Seems like that should be considered an "enterprise" feature. And it is certified to integrate with HP OpenView, which seems strange since I'm pretty sure what Introscope claims to do (since I can't actually test it) is what HP OpenView already does. On a related note, Nagios ( just released an update and they have a download link on their page. Open NMS ( does not have a new release, but it is "enterprise grade", free and does have a link to download. JBoss ON ( is also "enterprise"ish, and though it does not have a download link, it does clearly state how to get a copy (subscribe to JEMS) and with the recent RedHat purchase, one can hope that it eventually becomes available either with RHEL or through other channels. In any case, I'd look at any of the three before bothering with a company that makes it difficult to do anything useful on its website. --Tim
  4. ...[other technologies]... In any case, I'd look at any of the three before bothering with a company that makes it difficult to do anything useful on its website.

    Those three products don't let you look inside how your Java application is performing. Introscope is really great at this but it is hard to fathom that from their website. A webcast with no intervening marketing form which showed Introscope in action would certainly be a useful addition to their website.
  5. You can fully evaluate the next APTM tools in the application quality market. So far we are using and benchmarking so many tools like CA’s Wily, i3 for J2EE, Vantage Analyzer(JView), Performasure etc.. JInspired Guys have open mind and always show the first testing technology in APM world. You can fully access their material and evaluation, article, case study. We like IntelliJ but, we love JXInsight. It is great tool.
  6. ....for complete Java/J2EE QA & Test as well as production-side performance management. Closest competitor would be Wily, but the approach Panorama takes is to consider "application performance" by taking into account the interactions/dynamics of ALL the moving parts (app code, app server, db server, etc). By tracking normal vs abnormal performance and conducting detailed statistical analysis on performance changes across all systems (end-to-end), Panorama dramatically accelerates the QA/Test process to help ensure performance targets can be hit on FIRST deployment. Also accelerates troubleshooting efforts for deployed applications. Demonstrations and evaluation software is available, as are free "proof-of-concept" engagements. visit for additional info or contact jwetzel at opnet dot com 760.510.1787 OPNET will be presenting at BEA Los Angeles USer Group meeting at Dave & Busters in Irvine, CA tomorrow May 17th, 2006 6 PM. Come on down....
  7. Firstly, I have been using Introscope for our J2EE stuff & our company has spent mega bucks on HPOV too. My way of looking at the difference is that HP0V is mostly for IS/Netoworking guys while Introscope is for Application server administrators. It helps you pick out problems with IS systems and can help you point out to those groups how the application slowness is caused by issues elsewhere in network. I have not used the latest version but even their earlier versions were very, very easy to work with. In our company folks in IS have not been able to make use of HPOV even after dedicating resource and money. While Introscope is easy to use even on spending a couple weekends !! Also their support is really good. Now the bad part -- All of my experience was when Wily was independant. And their marketing group sucks..It is damn pushy..They will never clearly explain the way their licenses work..The (big shot) marketing guy who I had to meet made it appear that the licenses are purchased by CPU (AND IP address !!!) with the killer being that you cannot use Introscope with one system and then move it a second system..(Does not matter that you have uninstalled it from the previous system). Also they try to sell you all sort of educational services, etc. So eventhough there is no free download available, the system does all the things their site says. You can spend time understanding all that information and decide if it suites your needs. After that you can try to get the marketing person to come and demonstrate it to you for a day or so (that is what we did).
  8. i'd like to discuss this with you further. where can I reach you? email?
  9. My name is Caitlin and I am just trying to reach out to your community and connect with as many people as possible. I am just starting my career as a recruiter in IT and one of the only reasons I like the job is because I get to talk to interesting people, like yourselves, all day. I really need the help of someone who is or no somebody who is qualified for this position I have. It is in Maryland and requires someone with an expertise in server side development and J2ee/EJB, XML and Introscope. Finding people out there with an expertise in Introscope has proven difficult and on top of that finding someone who is interested in a position right now. I know the IT world is a small one so I was hoping that my faith in people would pull through and I could connect with some really great people. Email me at cgoldstein at technisouree dot com.
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    Hello. Yesterday I found that on login page to introscope used form with method="get". It was very fun to find in browser history url like /workstation?userName=X&password=Y. You still have this bug in latest introscope?