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    Hi All, I have a table [Trading Partners] BOMID -- PK ID -- PK TradingPartnerType PartnerID -- PK CompanyName1 CompanyName2 Street HouseNumber City PostalCode Country Is the following TradingPartner.hbm.xml is correct?? <!-- <key column="id"/> IS THIS REQUIRED.. --> Please correct me, if i somthing is missing.. Also is it necessary to have element in .hbm.xml file.. I may not need a column, which is auto generated.. If its there, how can i give my own value, [unique key which i would want to generate/set] & not hibernate's node. All the required values for each of the column will be set in code/application.. Any help would be highly appreciated.. Thanks in Advance. /Shridhar..
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    just to make sure.. your table has Column ID and your xml file has column that a typo ?