I have NES(NetScape Enterprise Server 4.0 SP3) setup on Sun Solaris 5.8 box. I have a servlet named ExampleServlet wich fetch some information from beckend and returns response to browsers in XML format. But after a certain requests it takes aprx( 1 minute per request) and when I try to see the occupied memory by this process using "ps -efl |grep httpd" it shows me around 12.5 mbs. After this size it doesn't process ExampleServlet by saying "Memory Limit error".

I doubted that my Servlet was not relealing memory and keep on increasing that but ExampleServlet is using only the objects those release the memory just after responding. But i see that occupied memory is just growing up. If i restart NES, it works fine.
Could anyone let me know that where can I change setting in NES Administrator Screens if it is possible? Or what else I could do to make it perfect.

Thanks in advance