Winners of 4th Annual JCP Awards announced


News: Winners of 4th Annual JCP Awards announced

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    The winners of the 4th Annual JCP Awards were announced last week at the JavaOne conference. Among the participants at the May 17 awards ceremony, which took place at the Community Event organized by the JCP at JavaOne, were Onno Kluyt, senior director, JCP Program at Sun Microsystems, Inc. and chair of the JCP, JCP executive committee members, spec leads and other Java technology experts involved with the JCP. This year's winners are: JCP Member of the Year: Sony Ericsson Most innovative Java ME JSR: JSR 272, Mobile Broadcast Service API for Handheld Terminals Outstanding Java ME Spec Lead: Asko Komsi and Mark Duesner for JSR 248, MSA on CLDC Most innovative Java SE/EE JSR: JSR 292, Supporting Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform Outstanding Java SE/EE Spec Lead: Linda DeMichiel, for JSR 220, EJB 3.0 The JCP introduced the Annual Awards four years ago to recognize excellence in Java standards development and innovation. For more information about the awards categories go to

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