Unexpected News: Red Hat to drop Application Server


News: Unexpected News: Red Hat to drop Application Server

  1. As reported by ARNNET, Red Hat has announced its intention to drop development of the Red Hat Application Server, based on JOnAS, after its announced purchase of JBoss earlier this year. Users of RHAS are not expected to be rushed to migrate to JBoss. The question is, of course, how many users are actually going to be affected by this change? It's unclear how many sites were actually using RHAS - were you?
  2. My clients are using it (it includes some big french companies) and I'm the author of JOnAS Live (a book on JOnAS). It's a sad news even if, for what I have seen, redhat contribution to JOnAS was not extraodinary. Only one guy from Redhat was really participating (Fernando Nasser) but I admit he is a genuis and he was doing an amazing work. St├ęphane TRAUMAT
  3. Regarding Red Hat's contribution, I have to say that we've also benefited from very constructive help from Rafael Schloming from Red Hat regarding the persistence layers, both in terms of support and actual development. Alexandre LEFEBVRE
  4. is it really a surprise?[ Go to top ]

    I would think that was an expected move from redhat. I don't see how that really affects the diversity of the EJB container world. peter
  5. Sure is not a good new but is the expected one from RedHat. As you said Stephane, RedHat was not a key contributor to the JOnAS development (even if they have done a really good job during the 1.4 certification process). Bull, France Telecom, INRIA and other key contributors in Spain and China are still here developing new features and key components such the easyBeans EJB3 container. Bull, as well as other major companies are providing professional services around JOnAS that are working pretty well in Europe. So my feeling is that JOnAS has a change to be successfully as the open source alternative to JBoss. My 2 cents, Miguel
  6. What is that, another example of cheap journalism? Any single individual having the least involvement in J2EE world anticipated the move. Really nothing 'unexpected', too much dramatization here, just move on. Nobody to blame, nobody is gonna die. RH are not charity and are just being consistent in their steps (I'm not affiliated with RH or JBoss or Jonas).
  7. I never thought that Red Hat was a big contributor to Jonas. Notice that they are saying they'll stop developing it, not stop supporting it, so in essence nothing happened. Guglielmo Enjoy the Fastest Known Reliable Multicast Protocol with Total Ordering .. or the World's First Pure-Java Terminal Driver
  8. I think the title was meant "tongue-in-cheek", so don't be too hard on them! :-)