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    If you’re going to be in Finland you may want to sign up for a Coding Dojo. The weekly session is based on Dave Thomas’ idea of Code Kata. In the three hour session, up to fifteen developers take turns solving some small programming problem. In his blog, Dave explains what a Kata and how it can be applied to programming. "Code Kata is an attempt to bring this element of practice to software development. A kata is an exercise in karate where you repeat a form many, many times, making little improvements in each. The intent behind code kata is similar." Although a Coding Dojo has the same goals, it is somewhat different in that it is broader in scope. For example, the length of the session is 3 hours where as a Kata is 30 minutes. The rules of a Dojo are quite simple. The meeting room has one computer attached to a projector. The presenter explains the challenge that was distributed to everyone prior to the meeting. A pair of programmers is selected and they get to start working at the computer. One half of the pair is swapped out every five minutes. It is the responsibility of the pair to ensure that everyone understands what is being done. All coders are to follow Test Driven Development. All code will be released under the Apache License.

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  2. We should be careful using methaphors. Martial arts has shown uselesness of kata as a learning technique, and UFC fighters practice boxing-style and wrestling-style training. So, I think we shouldn't use bad methodology, even as a methaphor. Unless, for any of as, coding has not to be efficient, but it's a way of mind cultivation.
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    Katas are not a bat learning technique. They show you things you can't learn with those boxing/wrestling styles. Programming is more than "mind cultivation". It's a mix of art and science. It needs both creativity and technical knowledge. Only with this two things we can solve the problems and create all this magic stuff. And, about the efficiency, do you like a five minit resopnse time every time you push a button? I do not.
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    it sounds is interesting,don't you think? Of course,it throws us some pressure and make us fell not very comfortable.