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    hi, i am beginer in crystal report.i can display static crystal report in jsp.i have problem displaying parameterised report.i am using JBulder 2005 and Weblogic 8.1,can anybody give me the code or some valuable tips.its urgent
  2. Hi; If you want a much easier reporting system, please take a look at Windward Reports. thanks - dave
  3. There have so many other choices[ Go to top ]

    There have so many reports tool based on java.,such as jreport,stylereport.winreport,Elixir Report and expressreport,all of them support jsp report well. To crtstal report, from it's document we know it also supports jsp report ,but I think it is developed mainly for .net. Java SCEA tutorial
  4. Hi, Can you pls send me sample code for how to integrate Cristal Report with JSP. If you can do so it will be a greate help for my project work Thanks, Rasika