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    Free open source licenses of ANTLR Studio are now available. ANTLR Studio is a plug-in for Eclipse which allows creating, debugging and visualizing ANTLR grammars in a highly integrated environment. Features include:
    • Fluid Debugger - Allows integrated debugging of ANTLR grammars along with Java code. You can even see parse trees/ASTs being formed and input text being parsed along the way.
    • Syntax Diagrams - Diagrams are formed in real time as you type your rules.
    • Lexer Wizard - Allows fast generation of complex lexers.
    What do you think of ANTLR Studio?

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  2. Beautiful[ Go to top ]

    Thanks - what a beautiful tool. I've been learning grammars and the writing of parsers/lexers... this looks perfect to speed the process. Nice work. If it works as well as it demos - I'm buying. Brian
  3. Thanks[ Go to top ]

    Thanks! Yes, it works exacly as shown in the demos :) Prashant