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News: Google launches open source repository

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    Google has opened a site where programmers can host software projects. The site is part of Google's effort to further the open source programming movement. On its FAQ site, Google rationalized that "developers can always benefit from more choices in project hosting." The hosting service features mechanisms to store software, discuss it with mailing lists and track bugs. Google has selected a variety of licenses, rather than allowing a full range, to get projects to standardize on the most popular ones out there. Among the choices is The site uses Subversion hosting software, which is overseen by the start-up CollabNet. What do you think of Google's move?

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  2. So Microsoft and Google now have OSS hosting services... Will the battle between these two giants be fought in the open source battlefield? -- okay, I'm being over-dramatic. :-) FWIW: I think Microsoft's CodePlex is way nicer, except for the source control system -- which you can turn. CodePlex + Subversion OSS subversion hosting ($60/year) is an awesome combination. CodePlex also supports a much wider range of licenses...including GPL and completely custom licenses. Cheers, Clinton
  3. Another sourceforge.[ Go to top ]

    I think it just like sourceforge.
  4. To have options is a good thing[ Go to top ]

    I think it just like sourceforge.
    I agree with you, but in other hand I think we should have as many repositories as possible, so we can pick up the faster, or the one which provides more features. BTW, I'm happy with Java.Net so far.
  5. The difference between SourceForge and ALL others is that SF has become completely ridiculous with advertising. At least 75% of the screen real estate (even my project homepage) is advertising and stuff that has nothing to do with my projects. It's become so bad that it's borderline useless due to a very poor user experience. CodePlex, Google, Codehaus etc. are all pretty clean and free of adverts. Google will no doubt have adwords, but that's usually non-intrusive and hopefully will be customizable eventually. As far as I'm concerned, SourceForge is done. Of course that's just my opinion. ;-) Cheers, Clinton
  6. You could hide the ads by custom css: div[id="fad1"], div[id="fad1p"], div[id="fad36"], div[id="fad36p"], div[id="fad6"], div[id="fad6p"], div[id="fadbtm"], div[id="fadbtmp"] { display: none !important; } ;)