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    Hi Friends! Since Session object not used in EJB,How we track the user to serve?Thanx in Advance. Bala

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    You want a stateful session bean. Such beans allow you to hold state over an extended period within an EJB call and across multiple EJB calls. You can't use ThreadLocal because a single thread won't neccesarily handle the entire EJB call if other EJBs are invoked. And even if there are no callouts to other EJBs it's probably not a good idea...
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    I guess SESSION is HTTP SESSION. If you want to track the user, then you could pass user credentials as a value object/data object to the EJB part of your interface methods. Also, if you define security roles for ejb corresponsing to login user then you could do a routine validation in ejb using 'EJBContext' methods getCallerPrincipal() or isCallerInRole() this helps ? -arun