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News: Performance monitor jKool 1.1 released

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    Nastel has released jKool 1.1, a performance monitor for J2EE. jKool adds end-to-end real-time visibility into Web-based application transactions to manage performance and ensure availability and reliability. jKool monitors and allows visibility for any application, whether in development or production, running in a J2EE environment. jKool gives transaction-level visibility with an on-demand drill-down to the Java Message Service (JMS), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), method calls and servlets to speed root cause identification. jKool also breaks down the total execution time by each layer of an enterprise application - Web, database, business logic - to reveal bottleneck sources. jKool uses a time-based approach to performance monitoring and user activity tracking. A user's transaction flow is treated as a discreet session. jKool traces the click-stream from beginning to end within the context of that session. It then automatically attaches performance information such as JVM usage to each click to evaluate performance in real time. jKool also logs each session historically, creating a record of performance metrics such as response times and exceptions. Additional features include: - Creates custom queries to locate sessions that have exceeded certain thresholds - Rule-based alerting, notification and automation - Support for WebLogic and WebSphere Application Server - Integration with Enterprise System Management tools such as HP OpenView, Tivoli TEC and CA Unicenter. jKool Personal is available for free download at What do you think of jKool as a performance monitor?

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  2. I don't know how interesting it is since I can't quickly find an answer to the question "If I took the time to learn how to use the tool effectively, what would I be able to find out about my system?". That kind of question should be answered directly by links off the jKool product homepage. Questions I'd like answered before I spend a fraction of my life downloading it: - what does it measure? - what it the resolution of the measurements? - how many cpu milliseconds are consumed making a single measurement? - ditto generating the aggregate results of many measurements? - how does it interact with remote operations is a multi-machine cluster? - can I see mean/max/min/95th/99th percentile latencies, and the complete PDF/CDF graph? - does it work across multiple operations that I define, e.g. sending JMS message X to receiving JMS message Y
  3. While this product sounds interesting, its web site is absolutely horrible: it is almost impossible to find any information! Also, why, oh why, restrict the live demo to registered users only? Don't you want the most exposure you can get? As an free alternative, check out MessAdmin, which next version 4 is currently in pretty good shape in the forge. The live demo is also open to everyone! ;-)
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    We've just posted more information about the product. Please check it out. We are working to improve our website. Also we've made our AP/Web demo available for everyone. Again, we appreciate your feedback.
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    We've just posted more information about the product.
    All (or nearly all) of the information is still behind some sort of registration process.
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    Again, we appreciate your feedback.
    This might be a minor issue, but your site doesn't display properly with Firefox.