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    Hi, I have been asked to take a look at the performance of a large JSF/EJB based app. Ive found that some of the large complex JSF pages are making hundreds of calls to the back end EJBs and having to recreate the home interface each time, each JSF call is passing through our business delegate layer (which tries to cache the remote reference) but JSF seems 'run' each JSF field individually thereby losing our remote interface reference between each call. Does anyone know a way round this ?? Thanks, Chris.
  2. I guess you have a service locator which delegate is trying to call.. This javaworld article might be of use to you : http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/jw-07-2002/jw-0703-service.html basically this helps in resolve the expiration of the cached session bean remotes.. Bhagvan K http://www.jroller.com/page/bhagvank