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    Hello All, I was wondering how the JCA Container (eg jencks) helps to achieve the thread pool and parallel processing of the JMS messages. I have read some docs regarding this and this seems to be just the XML configuration. But I am not sure how this must be happening? Do we really need to use such Connectors? JMS Server does'nt provide this all? Thanks and Regards, Suhas Shahapurkar

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  2. It's open source: read it. Jencks isn't that complex.
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    Offcourse, JMS servers has these features,Resource adapters can be configured with JMS servers. cheers, http://javaicillusion.blogspot.com/
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    Thanks Arijit, My question was NOT if we can use resource adaptor with JMS servers. Actually I was wondering why do we need to use the adaptors if JMS servers can give us the same features (if I am not wrong). Thanks again for replying. Suhas
  5. You don't need to. Use pigeons or two cans and a string if you want.