Synchornised Object Pool in WebSphere Cluster.


Performance and scalability: Synchornised Object Pool in WebSphere Cluster.

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    Hi, Please suggest a solution to following scenario : - We need to define an set of Unique System Id to access remote system. - At one time only one id can be used to access remote system and we can define 300 ids. Whereas there will be around 7000 users of our applications. - All these users will require to use one id to access remote system. - we are planning to use an object pool (similar to connection pool) and this object will be initialised with one of the ids. - in our production environment we will have approx. 10 WebSphere servers in cluster. - Is there any way to define this object pool so that it is shared across the clustered server. Please advice. Thanks & regards, Tarun Dewan.
  2. DistributedMap can be used for object pooling in websphere.
  3. Hi Tarun, It sounds like you need a distributed object cache that provides a coherent view of data across the cluster. Check out Coherence, which allows you to manage _any amount_ of java objects reliably, in-memory in the application tier. Later, Rob Misek Tangosol, Inc. Coherence: Unlimited Cache Capacity