In "Spring Update: What's New and Cool in Spring 2.0," a podcast taken from a presentation given at TSSJS-Europe, Spring founder Rod Johnson discusses new features in Spring 2.0. In particular, Johnson focuses on the introduction of extensible XML configuration and significant enhancements to Spring AOP. Spring 2.0 allows Spring configuration to be enhanced with custom XML tags, which can provide abstraction for repeated or complex configuration tasks. Johnson shows how to define new tags, and explains how this capability will benefit all Spring users. Spring 2.0 marks a major milestone for Spring AOP in general. In conjunction with AspectJ 5, Spring 2.0 provides a complete roadmap for AOP usage, from dynamic proxies up to full use of AspectJ weaving, using the same programming model. It becomes possible to use the AspectJ pointcut expression language in Spring AOP as in AspectJ. Spring AOP can also run AspectJ annotation-style aspects within its proxy-based runtime, with the same low cost of adoption as Spring AOP. View the slides for this presentation. What other benefits and key features do you see in Spring 2.0?