Continuent announces Sequoia 2.10.2 and 3.0beta


News: Continuent announces Sequoia 2.10.2 and 3.0beta

  1., the open source portal dedicated to the Sequoia database clustering technology, has announced the availability of 2 new Sequoia releases. Sequoia 2.10.2 is the new stable version to be used in production with minor bug fixes and upgraded group communication libraries. Sequoia 3.0beta1 is the first release of the new development branch of Sequoia. It includes the new implementation of semantic information that supports views, triggers and stored procedures. It also features a number of usability improvements for easier deployment and exploitation. A new more complete documentation set is also available. These new releases are available for download from Continuent GForge server.
  2. Hi , The project conceptually promises a lot, I do not know how serious is continuent forge currently, in terms coming out newer releases, though I see their maiing-list vibrant with activity, rest of the stuff seem to have frozen(release, news) for nearly an year, Ergo What is happening right now ? regards, jana
  3. Hi All, I am eating my own words. the latest realease can be found in the installer works the documentation looks cool in eclipse help framework, you can access it from below given url, may be I should come back to say how the system fares functionally for the dust I have kicked up, let me see. regards, jana