Hi guys.

A typical web architecture will have web server(s), App server(s), data sources and firewalls at various layers. Now, an important design decision is "where to put the JSPs and Servlets - in the Web Server that supports a Web container, or in the App Server?". Now, it is normally recommended to put them in the App Server for security, performance and failover reasons.

Now, assuming that my site consists of BOTH dynamically generated pages, as well as static pages, and the user can navigate between the 2 types at will. In addition, assume cookies are NOT allowed, thus the jsessionid will appear (and is required to maintain state) in all the URLs, hyperlinks etc etc. But to achieve the "swop in and out at will" between static and dynamic pages means that all the static pages must also effectively be "treated" as JSP pages, so that the Web Ccontainer will add the jsessionid as appropriate. Otherwise, the server will "loose" the identity of the user, and the user will continuously have to input their username and password.

No Problem so far - A -OK.

But, this now means, that effectively, I must have ALL my pages on the application server, and the only job for the web server is to "pass" the requests to the app server, plus store the impages (gif and jpeg).

So - I'm alittle concerned that the web server has very little to do in this scenario - Will it be mostly idle?

1) Am I correct in my understanding?

2) Perhaps there are solutions to bypass this concern? In other words, perhaps I need to alter how my application works to allow "swoping" between static and dynamic pages whilst maintaining session and not requiring cookies.