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News: eXo JCR 1.1 released

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    eXo Platform Inc. has released version 1.1 of its optimized Java Content Repository Open Source implementation. New features include:
    • Refactored WebDav Servlet with DeltaV (versioning) support. Tested on many WebDAV clients including MS-Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Redesigned Binary Value mechanism which allows BLOBs streaming
    • Refactored Access Control Policy. It now supports inheritance of privileges. It is enough to define ACL for parent node and all child nodes will have the same ACL unless the ACL is redefined.
    • References storage is unbounded from main property storage for JDBC Workspace Container so now it can potentially support any JDBC enabled RDBMS.
    For more details on that new release check the release notes. It can be downloaded from the ObjectWeb Forge.

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    Congrats to Benjamin and team! STAY METAL! Roy Russo
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    Congratulations accepted :) Especially tat writing a performant JCR implemantation is not a simple task...we do have quite a large team dedicated to that product. HIGH WAY TO HELL! cheers :)