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EJB design: Session Bean to Entity Bean Communication

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    Generally we are writing client (jsp/servlet) then communicating client with session bean and then session bean communicates with entity bean Why we require here session bean when client can directly communicate with entity bean

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    Please check this thread.. where EdRoman gave a detailed explanation on this...

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  3. When u interact with the enitity bean u are directly hitting the database so for each entity bean access there is a network traffic .Whereas u can encapsulate all the relevant entity beans in a session bean.So when u call a sessio bean there is only one hit which is made to server and all the subsequent hits for entity beans are made at the server rather thatn client to server.So it reduces the traffic ...
  4. Hai , I think here is the main Logic of whole Middle tier development and ur asking for a client-server arch. , Dear when client will interact or at the other end when request will be from server itself ,which will be faster.So here everything is to reduce the trafic and newer versions of App server is just coming for this only.
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