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    Hi all,

    I have built some very basic .jsp files and put them into a directory
    (actually I have tried quite a few) on my server, which is the
    JSDK2.1 server from Sun.

    However when I write the URL in my
    browser...http://localhost:8080/MyJSP.jsp, it responds with a "Page
    not found messgage".

    I have also tried putting the file into
    the "http://localhost:8080/servlet/MyJSP.jsp" directory, which is
    where my servlets are(and they work fine) but the page is still not

    When I put it into the servlet folder and type this in the
    browser.."http://localhost:8080/servlet/MyJSP.jsp" I get the
    following appearing on my server....com.sun.web.core.InvokerServlet:

    Do I need to set something up on the JSDK2.1 to allow me to run .jsp
    files on it....??

    Any help on this would be great and thanks to all who have been a
    great help already.

  2. Jennifer, I can't offer a lot of help here as it sounds like you're using a different server for your JSP pages than I am. However, the J2EE standard requires creating a web application that typically ends up in a subdirectory of the server. In my case, for instance, my server software is installed at:


    If I create a web application named 'bogus', the following subdirectory would be created and registered with the server:


    It would be in that subdirectory where I'd place my JSP's.
    The server itself provides an interface for creating and deleting web applications. Your server may also.

    The URL for the JSP's you create will then use the web app name:


    Consult your documentation for a description of creating and registering web applications and you should be in good shape.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Does your server even running? Can you run the example files? What is the server you are using? We need to know this before we can give you more information.