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    i want to create a menu based on database entries can any help me in this using jsp i want to generate the menu.

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    Dont be so specific when you want something, what type of menu you want? How you want to display them and how you want the user to control them, how you have kept your data in the database? little descriptive sometimes. cheers,
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    ok i want to display drop down nested menu in a web page based on CREATE TABLE NLVL_Menu ( MenuID int NOT NULL , ParentID int NOT NULL , MenuDescription varchar (50) NULL , URLLink varchar (50) NULL , ActiveStatus char (1) NOT NULL ) i have a table like this, and i have to generate the menu style and for that menu the contents are generated based on the database entries INSERT INTO NLVL_MENU(ParentID,MenuDescription,URLLink) SELECT 0,'File','' UNION SELECT 0,'Edit','' UNION SELECT 0,'View','' UNION SELECT 0,'Favorites','' UNION SELECT 0,'Tools','' UNION SELECT 0,'Help','' UNION SELECT 3,'Tool Bars','' UNION SELECT 3,'Status Bar','' UNION SELECT 3,'Explorer Bar','' and next to that i want to write the code in jsp to generate the menu contents from the database
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    hello, have you checked the calendar lately. We arent in the 1990s anymore.